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Heizhugou Ebian Yi Autonomous County in Leshan City, the territory of the United States regardless Line Mountain 18 kilometers of dense forest area of about 180 square kilometers, ecological primitive species of rare, unique and magical landscape. The local township name: Adams excluded, that is, the valley of death. Domestic and international public opinion has been widely known as "China's Bermuda" a gem. Because many did not solve Heizhugou possession of the "mystery", the local Yi and Han called the South zone to Heizhugou "devil Delta." Assessment by the China Committee of forest landscape, Heizhugou February 22, 2000 by the State Forestry Administration approved as a national forest park.
Heizhugou Introduction
  1. Location
  2. Natural landscape
  3. Legend does not solve the "mystery"
  4. Mysterious historical events
Yi Han jointly developed Heizhugou
  1. Development plan to establish a reasonable
  2. Attracted many investors
  3. Ancient legends
  4. Climatic conditions favorable terrain
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Heizhugou Introduction


In the southwestern Sichuan Province, Liangshan the edge of a small area, 360 Li Linhai hidden depths of a mysterious Heizhugou.
Heizhugou is located inLeshan CityEbian Yi Autonomous County ofthe territory, an area of about 180 square kilometers, ecological primitive species of rare, unique and magical landscape. Deep with a simple, primitive, and mysterious, foreign media have been widely known as "China'sBermuda"a gem. Assessment by the China Committee of forest landscape, Heizhugou February 22, 2000 by the State Forestry Administration approved as a nationalforest park.

Natural landscape

Heizhugou risk male terrain, wonderful landscape, ecological raw, rare species, environment, magic, the forest landscape is rich in unique natural scenery, rich ethnic customs, combined with all the fantastic legends, the Heizhugou known, with a unique forest Park development conditions, the value of tourism is huge.
More than 2,400 meters above sea level in the trench upper slope zone, the distribution of the "Eye of Heaven", "boat Lake", "cuckoo pool" represented more than 10 at the mountain Zi, the largest surface area of about 200 acres, lakes and mountains exist side by side to form the beautiful scenery. Odd waterfall pools, large and small trench are numerous valleys in the mountains and jungle galloping roar, the shape of Xue Tao surging, rolling, its sound like full steam ahead, Qianjun cry, the formation of forest Heizhugou Park, the dynamic water features spectacular landscape.
Trench for numerous mountains, a high degree of both the famousEmei Mountainabove to see the sea of clouds, Buddha, sunrise and sunset and other strange scene. Seasonal differences in the mountain climate landscape, winter in the park above 2,200 meters above sea level, snow covers over, a mix of snow, glaze, rime, ice hanging, ice, etc., constitute the winter landscape is a must.

Legend does not solve the "mystery"

Heizhugou is located in the middle of a small Liangshan, Ebian - Meigu Line Mountain 18 kilometers of dense forest. The local township name: Adams excluded, that is,the valley of death. "Heizhugou" Han Chinese given name. Because many did not solve Heizhugou possession of the "mystery", the local Yi and Han people in the South Zone Heizhugou called the "devil Delta."

Mysterious historical events

Locals talk about Heizhugou, it will give you some mysterious tells the history of events: Hu Tsung-nan, said the remnants of the liberation of half of the initial entry of even more than 30 people disappeared; said three scouts from the People's Liberation Army, entered the Black ganluo County Zhugou only one survived long lines; that in June 1955 the PLA unit mapping team in the high-margin Heizhugou sent two soldiers Gouliang via Heizhugou missing and later found only two of the weapons; Kansas in 1976, four Chuansen a team of three players missing in Heizhugou, people started looking for the county, three months later found only three non-meat skeleton.
June 24, 1991 evening, the mysterious sudden Heizhugou densely overcast, fog rolling forest, much blocks out the sun shrouded trend, southern SichuanForestry Bureaudesign engineering team of seven players, a collective of 17 workers missing in the Black Bamboo ditch, Xingxi, due to the early discovery, to find time, which is only 24 surveyors in the Heizhugou valley for 20 hours as the "Mountain Tigers", have gone through a difficult but no casualties.
Bermuda Heizhugou known as China, Sichuan Province in May 1996 as the fourth installment of the provincial scenic spots, in fact, mainly based on its view of the original forest-based.
Heizhugou, since tourists can visit his little territory, the disclosure of the media, people are often heard, with its new, strange, dangerous features, attracting a large number of photographers, scientists of the expedition team Secret-depth exploration of them. Some say that she is "magic groove terrorist," someone said she was "China's Bermuda", or that she is a mediocre small valley, after all, is a controversial Heizhugou virgin. Heizhugou is located about 100 kilometers southwest of Emeishan the Ebian Yi Autonomous County, across the Andean town together, Le Roux Village and Golden Rock Township, an area of about 180 square kilometers, it is the Sichuan Basin and West Sichuan Plateau, mountain transition zone stacked within the heavy Luan cockroach, streams and deep, mist-filled, giving a gloomy feeling, where special geographical location, natural conditions are very complex, ecological original, combined with the ancient legends and Yi Yi compatriots on this magical land of worship. And there had been several people and animals into the mysterious disappearance channel, so give into a sense of mystery, has also had many puzzling mystery, people stunned.

Yi Han jointly developed Heizhugou

July 1986, this Southern Forest road construction team of more than 300 professional teams forest roads open hilltops first sounded the sound of the running, after six years of hard work, main roads have been built Heizhugou Lin 31 kilometers, the local branch length of 71 km, construction of roads laid the foundation for the development of Heizhugou.
Heizhugou within the radius of hundred miles, the highest point is 4,288 meters above sea level, the lowest point is only 1233 m, height topography huge ravine and gully stretches, dense forests, bushes, wild flowers and fragrance. Towards the further development of malaria was very hot. Haunted forest, rare birds and wild animals, exotic mountains, caves abound, the ditch when the smoke Jumping, mist shrouded, silent trees gives a sense of pressure.

Development plan to establish a reasonable

State enterprises and local governments in Southern Forest developed a "reasonable development, long-term business, to water for people, reasonable use" approach, the pillars of the thousands of dedicated to the country, again back to the people everywhere Castle, now has Heizhugou provided to the state more than forty thousand cubic meters of high quality wood, bamboo shoots off on tons of all kinds of rare medicinal herbs to take reasonable collection, including the territory of all kinds of rare birds, including giant pandas have been effectively protected, the current holy mystery Heizhugou drainage generation is to build the total installed capacity of 5000 kilowatts, the annual power generation of 4,000 million kwh of power horse Jia Ping, the local processing industry to carry out various types together, Yijia cottage, staff shed bright light every household.

Attracted many investors

Since the development of the mysterious Heizhugou attracted a large number of Quest and investors, in 1988, the Japanese cultural delegation to visit ancestral roots, had to Heizhugou Quest pictures, September 1989, the Sichuan Provincial Government for the approval of Ebian open cities and counties in development of the Heizhugou Quest will lead to more people and adventure tourism, with the continuous development Heizhugou its mysterious veil will be lifted, and that all the heavy deposits The treasure will be the people to explore.

Ancient legends

Heizhugou regional spread of many ancient magical legend. Among them, the "three arrows spring," the legend of the most beautiful. The ancient legend of cattle when a man named Hercules approved rate of the Yi people in the ditch in the hunt, they unknowingly drank in the mountains brought the water, after three days because of hunger and thirst, and all of a collapsed to the ground, faint a fairy to grant the side of his cattle, said: "Hero ah, do not worry, the courage, the water could find." finish Wu Qi pointed to a place ribbon. Woke up award cattle, along the direction of the fairy that looked to see is a wall of steep rock, he confused, but think of the fairy, he resolutely pulled the bow of God, fired three consecutive sky, lost all three stock springs spewing out from the steep rock, so that all villagers survived. These three springs from this is called the "three arrows spring."
In Heizhugou, the fifties of this century there have been legendary compatriot Yi discoveredSavagetraces; discovered in the eighties have a wingspan of more than one meter giant bird, some experts pointed out that the pterosaur might survive. It was also seen "two animals." The fifties and sixties, there have been mapping the PLA troops in a class warrior and southern Sichuan Forestry Bureau of Sichuan Province in Heizhugou forest missing persons investigation. Heizhugou, there are still a lot of mystery.

Climatic conditions favorable terrain

Heizhugou unique topography climate vegetation, and carries a wealth of rare birds and animals. Trench around the first and second protection twenty-nine kinds of wild animals, a protected animal giant panda,takin, clouded leopard, the Sichuan Hill Partridge; two protected animals are monkeys, red pandas and other twenty-four kinds . These animals have important scientific value, but also has a high cultural aesthetic appeal. Extremely valuable. In addition there are many of the species, which are body beautiful, colorful, song-wan happy. Animal bird fly away, flowers, butterflies flying cicadas with one poetic.
Heizhugou vertical zone spectrum of vegetation distribution. Among them, 1,600 meters above sea level -2700 m dove at the national level key protected plants, trees and beautiful flower under two large white bracts, blooming like a flower when the artful pigeons, there was "World dove tree" of the name. Growth at an altitude of 1,500 m -2,400 m of light leaf involucrata, exists only in our country, is a world famous living fossil plants, with high ornamental value. Trench also has 19 species of rare or unique precious plants.
Heizhugou regionazaleaflowers, color colorful, kind of more than forty kinds, with an area on the mu, the highest in the world. There are two newly discovered species of our country.

Travel Guide

Location:LeshanCity Ebian Yi Autonomous County, from about 100 kilometers Ebian County.
Area where the climate characteristics: cool and rainy. Adjacent areas (spots): Leshan, Emeishan
Traffic road: highway from Chengdu along into the music directly to Leshan city, after driving along the hills about 50 kilometers to the Ebian County, then along the Chengdu - Xichang road ahead toHeizhugou townup the hill into the community area, a distance of about 300 km, the road ahead are good to go into town after the mountain Heizhugou current (2003) for the gravel dirt road, driving more difficult.
Car: New South Gate Station in Chengdu, drive to transfer to Heizhugou Ebian County town, the mountains do not train, only chartered or hitched.
Community area 246 km away from Chengdu, Leshan, 144 km, 114 km Emei Mountain, 63 km away from the Ebian county.
Into the music along the highway from Chengdu to Leshan City Direct (Emei City), is on the Emei Mountain "world famous" arch at the left along the provincial road 306 to exercise, get Ebian County, then along the Ebian - Meigu road ahead to enter the community area Heizhugou mountain town. Heizhugou town for the secondary road before the road into the mountain after Heizhugou town 17 km at present (2007) for the gravel dirt road, the road smooth, the car can also be blocked.

About Heizhugou Spa

Heizhugou Ebian and Spa is located in side of the road between the community area, the county seat away from the Ebian only 40 kilometers from the town about 10 kilometers Heizhugou. Heizhugou spring for thousands of years of official material in the mysterious Heizhugou beside the river flows quietly, it is the natural expression of passion for the earth, the earth's precious gift to mankind. We marvel at its magical effect! It as a child-like eyes, clear and praise. It springs many different temperatures, which can meet the needs of different feelings. By the Provincial Bureau of Geology and geotechnical analysis of water quality testing center, spa water containing strontium, lithium, boron, fluoride, silicic acid, hydrogen sulfide, and radon and trace gold, mineral water up to the national medical standards. The domestic and international clinical research on the movement of such spring water, nervous system, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, gout, gynecological disease, skin diseases, sexually transmitted diseases and chronic heavy metals (lead, mercury) poisoning, and many patients can be balneotherapy .