Temple elephant ears

Temple elephant ears


Geographic profile

Elephant ears Temple, located in Meishan City, Sichuan Province, Jinjiang Pengshan County township (originally called the River ditch Township), elephant ears village, north of fifteen kilometers from the county as the Ear Mountain
Layer of rock cliffs as the Ear Mountain, Shengongguifu, odd-stricken state. "Elephant ears" next to a rock about ten Zhang Yu W, engraved "elephant ears" word, the word diameter about Chi Yu. Elephant ears charming. Cheung Pei Shan Temple Zhou, elephant ears Hill, Sassafras ear rocks surrounded by dense pine and cypress, owner million rod and shimmering turquoise. Taibai Lake Temple, the main cross road more than a total of up to 10 li, winding loop, landscape color, boating meantime, is oddly peaceful.

Cultural history

Accounted for more than the world famous monks. Imposing mountain scenery as the ears, to human resources. Eight hundred birthday PANG family home here. Elephant ears elephant ears located on the Temple. As for the spirit of things, is the mascot of Buddhism. According to legend, the mother of Sakyamuni Buddha had Mengliu white elephant dental students Sakyamuni arms, it is also known as the Buddhist religion, Buddhism, also known as the law, this is the beginning of the Great Sage Temple built in the Northern and Southern Dynasties (now Temple elephant ears ) one of the main basis for this site. She not only land and water among the southwestern Sichuan Minjiang Yaojin, and in a thousand years ago to become Xiu famous Buddhist resort, attracting famous ancient poems remain problems. Ear Mountain, as many inscriptions, there are caves, wall reliefs, wall engravings, "elephant ears Cliff" is one of the ten old Pengshan.
Song text with the "title as the Ear Mountain," a poem that goes: "turn the beginning of the poor Gu Ying Rocks Road, overlooking a pass across Lin. Mountains and all the knowledge, the station house to make possession of arms. As the Court Fu (fú) cub Ariake Japanese, Ling-ying shake buildings light wind days. "Tang Road, master volume," Continued Biographies of Eminent Monks, "and as bright as a master of Xing's" Da Ming Monks "also records that, in the Sui, Tang and Song dynasties, Leshan, Meishan were out the four monks, three of whom Temple in elephant ears, they are the law Sui Thailand, the Tang Dynasty and the Song Yuan Road (Circle) feel the master, are moral superior, extraordinary knowledge articles. Temple elephant ears are now also in the Qing Dynasty tomb of eminent monk with big ears.
Temple elephant ears are now the main temple building has elephant ears (King Hall) and the Main Hall, the two Hall of the middle, plastic Guanyin statue. Temple is the reservoir, were too
White Lake, the temple along the lake front row, among the bushes with Li Bai reading place. According to "Annals of Sichuan", "Xiu of Interest" contains, Li Bai is low, study tours elephant ears, failed for several years, want to leave school away. Line under the creek to the Temple, saw a old woman grinding Tiechu, Shen Qi, asked: "What pestle grinding with?" Said: "grinding to make." Bai shock, Dawu, then back. After the regular registration of this stone Diligence stopped working, and finally National Cheng Kung University. "With time, 铁杵磨成针", that is typical for this, this stone has the name "Li Bai reading place." "Bai Collection," a poem as evidence: "elephant ears at the school, the first white good return." According to "Pengshan County" contains, stage stone walls, original poem that the Late Guangting: "worse than reading place in the mountains , the wind swept open hanging scroll painting Seiran. China is still on curling in, Ching Lin when to lay? "said old woman surnamed Wu from the statement, so the stream was a rock named Li Bai," Vu Thi rock ", and grinding needle at the name "grinding River."
In order to promote the tea culture, tea and longevity in show, on the elephant ears Temple restaurant not far from the estuary town planning of the child "Wu Yang Chasi." Reproduce the ancient style, and lifestyle of modern culture, demonstrating the different countries and nationalities were drinking tea and folk, with the ancient Wu Yang Chasi, Fuji Tea Museum, Mongolia, tea, American black tea, tea culture, museums and nearly 10 types of construction planning.

Du Fu Thatched Cottage

Du Fu Thatched Cottage

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Du Fu's Thatched Cottage in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, Chengdu, Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum is today. To commemorate the great Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu Museum of realism. Chengdu is the year when the residence of Du Fu Refugees, preserved by the descendants of rebuilding and become a memorial place of Du Fu.
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Du Fu Thatched Cottage
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Du Fu Thatched Cottage Three
Some writings of Du Fu

About Du Fu


Du Fu Thatched Cottage
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Du Fu (712 ~ 770), the word son the United States, No. Shaoling Noe, the World
Said Du Shaoling, Tu Fu.Han,HenanGong Xian (now ZhengzhouGongyi) people, Xiangyang Hubei origin. Is a realisticpoet, living inthe Tang Dynastyfrom prosperity to decline in the transitional period, the ancient body of his poems, verses known, varied, and the melancholy main, showing the decline of the Tang Dynasty from prosperity to the historical process, known as the " Poetry. " Because of thepoetrywriting ideas and artistic skills on the high, the brilliant achievements which was later described as "poet, "has spread around more than 1,400 poems first, such as" Three Officials "and" Three Do, "and so on.

Du Fu Thatched Cottage


Du Fu (Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum) is located inSichuanProvince,Chengdu,outside the WestHuanhuaxiRiver, is the great Tang Dynasty poet of realismDuRefugees in Chengdu when theformer residence. In the winter of AD 759, Du Fu as to avoid the "Rebellion"brought home intoSichuanin Chengdu construction hut door, saying "Cottage in Chengdu."
Du has lived here nearly four years, writing poetry since spread over the first 240. The "smell government troops close Henan and Hebei," has become in many areas students must learn lessons. Cottage House History of Chinese Literature is considered "sacred."


Du Fu Thatched Cottage in Chengdu, China Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu's residence when Refugees in Chengdu. In the winter of AD 759, Du Fu as to avoid the "Rebellion", brought home by the Eastern Long (now in southern Gansu Province) to Chengdu Shu. Following spring, with the help of friends, in the western suburbs of Chengdu to build the banks of the picturesque cottages Huanhuaxi living. The following spring, cottage completed in the "Cottage in Chengdu." The poem is his reference to "thousands of miles west of home, Baihua Tan North Village" Cottage in Chengdu. He has lived here nearly four years, had been granted due to "calibration and Industry Yuanwai Lang," the title, but was calledTu Fu. The first left more than 240 poems, such as "Spring Night Joyful Rain", "Shu Prime Minister" and other famous article, where "The autumn winds have broken hut song" is eternal farewell. Du Fu in Chengdu resident association, the poetry in painting, the excitement as one after another. "Two Oriole Ming Cui Liu, egrets on the sky line. Chiaki Xiling snow with the window, door Wu Wanli ship mooring." This is the first
"Four quatrains (Third)" the poet vividly seen in the Cottage Spring Bo whole family. 765, Yan Wu passed away, losing the only home depends on leave Chengdu, Du Fu had to carry after two years living by the Three Gorges Jing, Hunan and other places.
After leaving Chengdu, Du Fu, cottage would not exist, when the poet Five Former Shu and Wei find a thatched cottage sites, heavy Results hut, so be preserved by Du Fu Thatched Cottage is the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing made several fixes, with the largest two rebuilt, in 1500 (Ming Hongzhi thirteen years) and AD 1811 (Jiaqing sixteen years), essentially laid the size and layout of the Du Fu Thatched Cottage, evolved into a memorial shrine set pattern and former residence of poet style as one of the museums, architecture simple and elegant, quiet and beautiful garden famous cultural sites. March 1961 by the State Council announced the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units, in May 1985 the establishment of Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum, in December 2006 by the National Tourism Administration as the national 4A grade scenic spot, in May 2008 by the National Heritage Board as the first national museum. Du Fu Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum is the whereabouts of the existing remains of the largest and best preserved and most features and a well-known.

Heritage value

June 30, 2008, the first national museum in Sichuan Province Award Ceremony held in Chengdu. Chengdu Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum and theTempleMuseum, Sanxingdui Museum, Zigong Dinosaur Museum, former residence of Deng Guang five galleries and other heritage institutions with honor. Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum in Chengdu, there are various types of data collection 3 million volumes, more than 2,000 pieces of cultural relics. Including the Song, Yuan, Ming
And Qing dynasties Du Jing edition, photocopies, manuscripts, and a variety of modern Qianyin Ben, there are 15 foreign languages and translation of Korean, Japanese edition, published 120 kinds of Chinese, is about the most extensive collection of Du Fu's life you create, save most intact places. Poems by Du Fu Thatched Cottage legendary, and later by the poet Liufang.

Attractions Overview

Cottage Jiaqing the Qing Dynasty intact the pattern of redevelopment, the total area of nearly 300 acres. Garden is a very unique "hybrid" Chinese Classical Gardens. Divided by functional area museums: Heritage attractions resort (Cottage site), scenic spots resort (plum) and service area (Caotang Si). Cottage site, the screen wall,
The main entrance, a large shrine, Epic Church, Chapman, and Industry Temple arranged in a central online, accompanied by symmetrical on both sides of corridors and other subsidiary buildings, there have been water linger, bridges Goulian, bamboo trees, seemed both solemn, simple elegant but deep quiet, beautiful cool and bright. East of the Temple and Industry "Shaoling Cottage" Beiting, a symbol of Du Fu's cottage, reverie, has become a symbol of Du Fu Thatched Cottage in Chengdu's famous attractions and landscape.
Du Fu Thatched Cottage main entrance plaque of the "Cottage" is the word for the fruit of Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi of the seventeenth son of the Prince of Wales ceremony Aixinjueluo allow writing. Du Fu Thatched Cottage Historic Memorial Hall was the center of Ciyu building. Epic Church is a sculptor Liu Kaiqu the middle of Du Fu as plastic, halls display a couplet written by ancient celebrities, plaque. Portrait of Du Fu and Industry Cinei worship, and there have been resident poet ShuLu, Huang accompany worship. East of the Temple and Industry "Shaoling Cottage" Beiting, a symbol of Du Fu's cottage, "Shaoling" for the names of the Han Tomb Xuan said, "Duling" Xuandi Huang Mausoleum after the tomb of so called because of the scale of less than: " Shaoling. " Du Fu lived here a long time, had claimed in the poem, "Duling Noe", "Shaoling wild off", it called him "Du Shaoling" the.
Temple and Industry in 1997 after the basis of modern Du Ming pattern description and characteristics of reference Chuanximinju restoration of the "cottage area", to reproduce the former residence of the pastoral style of the poet to create a strong poetic atmosphere; there is one located in the Du Fu Thatched Cottage lined the red walls, tall bamboo shade by the various porcelain mosaic, quaint chic "cottage" Screen. In the bonsai garden built for 1999, "Du woodcut calligraphy Gallery", displays hundreds of pieces of wood Du calligraphy works from the collection of thousands of famous ancient handwritten manuscript in the selected Du, engraved with Phoebe made considerable ornamental value, and its poetry
, Calligraphy, wood, craft a "four no," said;
2005 House of Ten Thousand Buddhas rebuilt cottage stands in the forest east of Phoebe, restoration of the historical and cultural city of Chengdu, "Chong Lai Kok east, west House of Ten Thousand Buddhas," the character. Lean on a railing overlooking beautiful panoramic view, is another landmark of Du Fu's Thatched Cottage and the new highlights of cultural tourism. An ancient temple is located in the original Sanskrit third tier of the Main Hall building complex, "Daya Hall", the display of the date, the largest area (64 square meters) of large-scale mill glaze mosaic murals and 12 ancient painted a famous poet sculpture, the image display of the Du Fu life and history of the development of Chinese classical poetry; the museum's basic display "poet with the ages", was awarded the fifth "exhibition on display quality of the top ten" Best Innovation Award. The use of modern tools and clear and the display image of display language, shows the Poetry of brilliant achievements, the performance of far-reaching ideas of Du Fu. There are "Love Cottage" literature pictures exhibitions of national leaders, foreign dignitaries, celebrities at home and abroad to visit the cottage left picture, signature, inscription and gifts.
"Tang Wind Rhyme" is a visitor center Du Fu tourism product development and sales of large-scale market. Painting Du Fu Thatched Cottage poetry and literature and the "Rhyme of Tang style" adjacent, set painting and calligraphy exhibitions, exchange, purchase and sale, the collection as a whole, is the development of traditional culture, the development of cultural industry, high-grade platform.
Tang Dynasty relics exhibition hall is located in the northeast cottage. The end of 2001, within the cottage of Tang Dynasty unearthed large number of live sites and cultural relics of Tang Dynasty, which greatly enriched the historical and cultural connotation of Du Fu, Du Fu confirmed that year on the living environment and life situations of the description to clarify the past and present Cao Tangsi position battle, increase the heavy sense of the history of Du Fu Thatched Cottage, the Holy Land, but also added a new luster.

Visit Information

Address: Chengdu No. 38 Tsing Hua Road, Chengdu, West Cottage Road
Hours: Summer 7:30-19:00; winter 8:00-18:00
Ticket prices: Adults 60 yuan, 30 yuan students
The old card free of charge by local, foreign 70-year-old free of charge, except holidays


Public Transportation:
After the "Du Fu Thatched Cottage" bus lines:
301,82,84,35,17 bus or traveling by car

Du Fu Thatched Cottage Three

Three Du Fu Thatched Cottageof Du Fu Thatched Cottage is the second in Sichuan after the second Fu Memorial Hall. Located inthree countieson the west Niutoushan, is the largest park in the Niutoushan three main components of the park area. Inside there pavilions, flowers, Jia-Mu buildings, enchanting scenery, there are biographies of Du Fu, Du Fu, in the three stories and Famous masterpieces during exhibitions.
  Transportation:Take bus 35 from the east bound passenger bus Du Fu; 17 bus also arrived attractions; the city of about 5 yuan short tricycle can be reached.

Some writings of Du Fu

"Tong Cheng"
】 【Original
Guo Tong shade Imperata back, overlooking the edge of River Road, cooked green countryside.
Yin Blade on alder forest obstacle, Dettol cage of bamboo shoot and smoke.
Ukraine will temporarily stop flying the number of children, the frequency to set the new language swallow nests.
Yang Xiong house than the others wrong, lazy mood for mockery.
Appreciation】 【
Du Fu in the Tang Suzong Qianyuan two years (759) end of the year came to Chengdu, in the Baihua Tan north, thousands of miles build a cottage near the bridge business. After two or three months, to late spring next year, the completion of the cottage. This poem is then made. Speaking from a cottage business into a poem; the middle of scenery, with "a new nest Yan language" as the over clock; Finally the matter to the people, and still back cottage, points out the life experience of emotion. "Tang Guo back into" the "church" and "wrong house than Yang Xiong" and "home" echoes. Closing of the wonderful, but no traces.
】 【Original
Qingjiang hold a village stream, long summer Gyaincain everything quiet.
Since the beam to unsolicited Yan, look similar water gull.
Old wife of drawing paper for the chess game, little children knock pin for the hook.
But the enemy for Lu meters, micro-footer also more want anything else?
Appreciation】 【
This poem was written in the first year of the Tang Suzong Spring (760 years). After four years of exile the poet, came to this war have not been harassed, yet quiet affluent town in the southwest suburbs of Chengdu Huanhuaxi River. Old friends he relies on friends and relatives funding and hard work has already begun to take shape cottage business; pool of the sufferings of exile, blazing the vagrant poet Yu storm, finally got a temporary place to live in the shelter. Time when the early summer, Huanhuaxi River, Jiang Liu twists and turns, Tsinghua, quiet and elegant school of pastoral scene. Poet twist to "Village" of Poems, put pen Yonghuai, feelings of pleasure can imagine. This is a quiet state of mind to write this poem, but he says was written, the last knot at the end of the place, can not help but reveal the feeling of desolation and unhappiness, people have a sense of Chang Chang. Du Fu's poems are many boarding impromptu recollections, almost all of the case. Du predecessors that "depressed", the opportunity here I am afraid.
"Shu Prime Minister"
See "Tu Fu set." About the first year for the Spring (760 years). Is late spring, moved to Huanhuaxi Thatched Cottage of Du Fu, have leisure to go toChengdu Templetour, pay tribute, made the song "Shu Prime Minister" to express the above feelings of regret.
】 【Original
Prime Minister shrine where can we find? Jin Bo Sensen official outside the city.
Ying-order fields are green from the spring, every leaf oriole empty sound well.
Tired of the world total frequency of the three consultants, two Koreas open economic veteran heart.
Dead Before the Ship Even Sank, long the Hero Tearful.
"Do not hate"
】 【Original
A thousand other four Los Angeles, Huji long drive five or six years.
Sword of vegetation change bad line, the Bingge old riverside block.
Step homelessness legislation on clear night, recalling the day sleeping brother to see the cloud.
Wen Road, near hayang up a victory, anxious to break Youyan Szeto.
Appreciation】 【
This is the first year of Du Fu Spring (760 years) in Chengdu, written by a Seven Poems. Works of the poet's emotion to flee their homes and homeland, the memory of flesh and blood, expressed his hope for an early counter-insurgency Patriotism, love really loved language, Contemplative, thrilling. This is the first Septasyllabic beautiful language with a simple lyrical narrative, the words nearly aims far, speech shallow Wife. Misfortune and the individual poet, the fate of nations together to write, every sentence will carry the connotation of rich, saturated with rich poetry, worthy of repeated Yin Wei.
"Rain in Spring Night"
See "Tu Fu set" for the Spring two years (AD 761) of the spring, is Du Fu old age "wandering Southwest" when made in Chengdu. Description of the poet in the spring among the joy of showing their feelings of spring.
】 【Original
  Good rain knows the time, when the spring is happening.
Sneaked into the night wind, moisten things silently.
Wild Trail goes all black boat on the river Huo Zhu Ming.
See red and damp at dawn and spent re-Jin Guan city.
"The autumn winds have broken hut song"
See "set of Tu Fu" for 761 years in the year, at a time yet to put down the Rebellion occasion. Spring first year (760) in spring, have friends and family-owned rib Du Fu, in Chengdu, the West River Guo Huanhuaxi build a cottage outside to settle their home. The following year in August, autumn winds have ruined cottage, Du Fu mixed feelings, writing "The autumn winds have broken hut song" to remember it.
】 【Original
DuJustBitterYin MirrorHeart
High wind howling autumn in August, volume on my house triple Mao, Mao Fei Jiang sprinkling rural crossing. Linked to the higher long-Juan Lin Shao, who float switch to the next bend Shen Tong.
Village group of children bullying my old weakness, forbearance for the thieves to the opposite, in flagrant foul into the bamboo to hold. Chunjiao Kouzao not call, return relying on self-sigh.
Eqing wind set ink cloud, misty fall to the dark. Cold like iron quilt fabric for many years, Jiao children riding in the crack lying evil. Nothing to do at the bedside leaky house, the rain did not cut off the foot, such as hemp. Since by Sangluan less sleep, wet night by a thorough Ho!
How competitive safety, shelter the world are delighted Poor Scholar, fixed security as a mountain storm! Alas! Seeing unexpected when the present house, I froze to death by the House alone are enough to break!
"I have heard government troops recaptured Henan and Hebei"
See "Tu Fu set." Daizong Guangde first year (763) the first month, Shizhao Yi (Shi Siming's son) was defeated, hanging in the forest, it will Tiancheng Si, LI Huai-sen were held to fall. At this point, Henan, Hebei region have been recovered. Fu Zi state resident when the (now three in Sichuan), is for the poem. Henan and Hebei, refers to this area and the northern Hebei Province Luoyang.
】 【Original
Suddenly the sword outside the transceiver thistle North, heard of tears over clothes.
What is unhappy to see his wife, Joy To Manjuan mad poetry and literature.
Sing the day to be drunken, youthful good companion returned home.
Gap from Pakistan through the Wu Gorge, then the next Yangyang to Luoyang.
  Quatrains,four (one)
Du Fu's Seven quatrains much, but the song is one of the most popular verses. It is easy to understand, if for no reason, then, but deep with the poet's aesthetic ideal, highly acclaimed by scholars and academics can be said is popular as elegant, tastes.
】 【Original
Huang Li-ming Cui Liu two, line egret on the blue sky.
Xiling Snow Chiaki with windows, doors Wu Wanli ship mooring.
"Night Journey Books pregnant"
"Night Journey Books pregnant," is to leave Chengdu, Du Fu, House boat carrying the East, after YUZHOU (Chongqing), Chungju (Zhong County, Chongqing City) time (765 years) to write.
Although his early years, "To Jun Yao and Shun, and then the customs soon," the ideal, in the end nothing has made only end up old and sick, relatives and friends scattered, wandering alone, exposure to such a vast and in the river, as if their own A gull between heaven and earth, to fly where? Ah lonely, lonely! The author's feelings are very deep.
】 【Original
Xicao shore breeze, Qiang Wei Zhou night alone.
Star wide vertical Hirano, month Chung Tai Jiang Liu.
Name Qi paper book, the official should be the old sickness.
What are fluttering like? Jonathan Livingston Seagull.
See "Tu Fu Collection", was written in large calendar years in Tang (767), in autumn, when the livingInterpreting(now Chongqing Fengjie). September 9 with climbing the ancient custom of Du Fu poem that is felt while climbing to make, and describe their long wandering, old and sick sense of solitary sorrow.
】 【Original
High winds and days of mourning tsunami ape, Shiratori Nagisa clear sand fly back.
Boundless Xiao Xiao Lamu, the endless rolling to the Yangtze River.
Autumn often stranger thousands of miles, a hundred years on stage alone and sick.
Traditional hard frost coming from the bitter hate, stop down and a new cup of liquor.
"Off to"
Du Fu
】 【Original
Southern homes are homes North Spring, the whole flock daily to.
Flower diameter did not sweep the edge off, before King and this Peng opened the door.
Dish supper and city far no taste, only the old bottles of wine from a poor family grains.
Ken Weng relatively drink with neighbors, to take every call to make the remaining cup of fence.
This is a life filled with rich poetic flavor of the Chronicle, the performance poet Shakey honest character and mood. Note to authors: "Hi Cui government phase-off", a brief description of the meaning of problems.
Huanhuaxi known as poet, Du Fu's Huanhuaxi become eternal farewell, "two Oriole Ming Cui Liu, egrets on the sky line. Chiaki Xiling snow with the window, door boat moored at Soochow Miles."
When the year came to Chengdu, Du Fu, Chengdu, pleasant scenery that will settle in this, his establishment of Du Fu Thatched Cottage, because of the poor, he also wrote a lot of poetry to celebrities to ask for some of the local flowers and trees, planting their own hands, he Anhui spotted a piece of treasure spent stream, it was built by river.