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Rongxian Buddha

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Rongxian Buddha
Buddha is located in the eastern suburbs Rongxian Rongxian county, as the Tang Dynasty carved statues sit south of the north-high 36.67 meters, is a seated Buddha on behalf of Reliance installed statues of Maitreya Cliff, a Chinese second, known as the world's third Buddha. Buddha imposing and elegant, flowing drapery, charm floating in the air, is worthy of the gods of the ancient artists made. Flesh laced with gold Buddha Qing Dynasty, Shi drapery color, glittering. Where Buddha temple, the Tang Dynasty Temple were opened, the Qing dynasty called the Big Buddha temple. Temple Buddha towering by, the history of the temple a large scale, unfortunately destroyed by Bing Huo Ming and Qing Jiaqing reconstruction, after nearly two hundred years of the expansion of maintenance, the temple has been a considerable scale, the layout of the geese like an artful, Yamashita Yuan Wang Buddhist temple, temple patchwork, Buddha towering, special to spectacular.
Big Buddha Temple is located inSichuanProvinceRongxianlarge suburb of Foshan (also known asreally as rock) foot of the mountain 414 meters above sea level. Mid-levels above, there is a towering stone seated Buddha Tathagata Buddha, the Bank said Rongxian Buddha. Does the body-high 36.67 meters, head length 8.76 m, Width 12.67 meters, 12 meters high knees, feet, 3.5 meters wide, is the world's largest Buddha (Buddha this world), the second largest stone Buddha, Leshan Giant Buddha Maitreya after (the coming Buddha).
Published in July 1980 for the Sichuan cultural relics protection units. Big Code, according to Huang Qing Emperor Qianlong, "Wing County," Conference: "The Big One, Foshan in the east, the Chinese carved Buddha, and the mountains together, ten-storey frame house, forty Qizhang high, ten feet wide and fifteen. This towering Buddha statues, and Ying feast anyway, long time not being in Huangyanmancao. "and Yi Ren Zhao Xi series" Wing County) contained, said Department of Rongxian Buddha Song Shenzong Yuanfeng eight years (1085), German monk soon raise repair, Yuanyou years ( 1092) into. But what has not been determined when the moment. Where Buddha temple, the Tang Dynasty were opened Temple, later known as the Big Buddha temple.
Large-scale renovation Song, Terakado arrived today Riverbank. Temple destroyed by Bing Huo Ming and Qing Qing Jiaqing reconstruction. After the renovation and expansion when, due to topographical constraints, the temple mountain on the potential only; retreat gate to Buddha as the center to both sides to start, mainly by the Main Hall, Kwun Yam Temple, in possession of the house, Dharma Temple, Ocean Hall, Canon House, Abbot Room, Buddhist temple and other temple composition. Yuan Wang Shan mountain forest; temple patchwork. Late Qing Dynasty, the temple incense is very strong, neighboring counties of the men and women, or towards a Mountain, or down toward the ding, a necessary Rongxian towards the Big Buddha. Liberation
Before and after the state of disrepair, the temple has been damaged. "Cultural Revolution" after the state earmarked comprehensive maintenance temple, planting of trees. Now, the whole temple covers an area of 20,000 square meters, construction area of 2,000 square meters, the whole system of ancient buildings or antique buildings. Mountain foot trees, a long cultural landscape and natural beauty blend to form an attractive landscape in southern input on the land of monuments. Temple gate in the foothills northwest of the lions in front of l, and grandeur. Into the gate, up the stairs. The first temple to temple eaves Xieshan. Maitreya hall plastic belly, is called bag monk, commonly known as Dadu Lohan, Lohan laughed. Most of the worship of the temple for the Buddha and Bodhisattvas, and Borrowed characters, only this Arhats is authentic Chinese. Ocean full of laughter and Sichuan Rongxian famous eyebrow by plastic scimitar Alice was very funny, look at all the people laugh, laughter resonate through Lohan's mouth, and people seemed to have heard Lohan happen "Ka Kaka," the laughter . This respect for the existing Ocean later fill plastic smile, and although there are different than before. But the famous calligrapher Liu Qian Rong County Calendar Membership Contact accompanied by the title, but also may fill the gap. Union says: opening things past and present will smile laugh; Tatu to leisurely days in the human capacity to do not what the customer. Eaves above the temples is the Main Hall. The mountain is the worship hall of Rongxian stone Buddha, both sides are in possession of clay and Goddess of Mercy. Main Hall of the original four-story frame house for the Danyan architecture, old people can only "distance Buddha head. Almost see the Big Buddha foot." Now four eaves Xieshan antique buildings, the full name of Buddha Body building, referred to as the Big Buddha House. Buddha House board, can watch the layers of majestic Buddha, but also left by the lotus; right Xiao Taiwan. Ten Level the top of the head should be up to Buddha Pavilion, scan the horizon, Yuanshanjinshui Rongcheng style. Panoramic view.Big Buddha Temple Rongxianrenaissance since the Qing Dynasty, is one of the Rinzai Shan cases, it is also known as the Buddha Shan Temple. Shan temple will be dedicated to cases where Bodhidharma. Jiaqing twenty-year (1816), the magistrate Gong Jian Gui donors in the west of the cliff Buddha carved on the pounds, "Bodhidharma crossing the map." Bodhidharma, the South Indian monk, Liu Song Dynasty from the Seaway to the south of Guangzhou, the capital of APB was met Emperor Wu (Nanjing), the spread of Zen Buddhism, Zen Buddhism in China to create a person, the Bank said Bodhidharma. Rongxian "Bodhidharma crossing the map" drawn from the Dharma and the Emperor Wu Huabutouji after, then cross the river to the Temple Mount the story pole. Dharma Master high as 4.9 meters near sculpture in the round. Useful load up extravagant Buddhist monk's staff, hanging futon and sandals, left hand prayer beads, prayer beads and capsules can count. Founder of fat and round face. Facial processes, with two wide open. Bright and piercing, chest and abdomen Chang Lu, Wang ribs were, look chivalrous and powerful. Turn the fish behind the waves roll, Sengyi wind rolled up, pedal reed, turn around is still standing in the roaring waves into the body, rather, "Who is that river wide flight of a reed," the charm. Buddha cliff hillside, there are monuments called "Xiao Taiwan." According to legend, the son of the Yellow Emperor Xuan Xiao hunting in the rest. For "Xiao Taiwan." And transfer to the Wei and Jin Sun Deng Rong, the stage and shouts, the sound of melodious, like the sound of the Phoenix; it Song "by Rong-state map" calls this "the Sun Deng Xiao Taiwan."
Taiwan Xiao Song Cliff cliff there, the Western Paradise, Eighteen, including "Ocean niche group of" compelling niches by 3.4 meters wide and 4.6 meters, 0.46 meters deep, the moment six Ocean, of which three have been the head destroyed. Six middle relief a peach wedge Lohan, hanging branches of a peach. By Xiantao Lohan, an almost hands folded on his chest, leisurely: the other side peach statue, it seems indifferent. Figures show that they transcend the mundane world, is not moved by the air of fortune. The layout of the sculpture is rare in the country, there are certain research value, has been to "The Complete Works of Chinese Artists in Sichuan Cave Sculpture" collection. "Xiao Taiwan a county of total victory." When built in the Tang and Song Dong Xuan word threshold, Song Jian, "a win Pavilion" for the people by the Provisional nostalgia. If the stage ahead in the East is expected to towering Buddha, the West can look down deep Cave. Since the Tang and Song dynasties, this is the land of people willing to visit. Pavilions on the history, buildings destroyed early Yuxuan threshold. In 1982, according to historical records, try to figure out the Song "One win Pavilion" site, in the Taiwan side of the reconstruction of tsunami, "a win Pavilion" enough for people to break the distance, pay tribute to the ancients.
May 25, 2006, as the Tang Dynasty relics Rongxian Buddha Grottoes, the State Council approved the inclusion of the sixth national cultural heritage list.